“Oh hey Mom. Whatcha doing in my room?” asked Cheese.

“I heard talking, so I came to see what the fuss was about. It is almost 4 in the morning. What are you guys doing up, son?” replied Mom.

“Well at first, I was sleep. Then I woke up. Then I was sleep again. Then I woke up again. THEN I went to see Mack. He was singing earlier and I told him that we should make a song. But he’s sleep now. I’m the only one up. Besides you.” Cheese said.

Mom whispered, “What? You are not making any sense.”

Cheese continued, “Well Mack said he was singing so he could get to sleep and then he kicked me out. And that is when I came back in here and found YOU in my bed.”

“Shhh. Keep it down. Everyone is still sleeping. I could not sleep either. I think it was something I ate. I should have left the beef patties alone.” said Mom.

“Well I hope you feel better. Mack said that I should sing myself to sleep, so that is what I was planning to do.” admitted Cheese.

Mom smiled, “OK great. I’m gonna sleep in your bed too. What song are we gonna sing?”

“I was not sure. I don’t know too many songs. So let’s go with…” Cheese began to sing. “I’m gonna take my horse to the old town road! I’m gonna riiiiiide til I cant no mo.”