“Mack. Wake up.” Dad shook Mack awake. “Come on, dude. Time to get dressed. We are going fishing.”

Mack’s eye slowly opened and grew wide. He hopped up out of bed. Meanwhile Dad walked over to Cheese’s room. Dad started poking Cheese’s arm. He opened and closed one eye.

“Daaaad. Stooooop!” Cheese giggled.

Dad laughed, “Come on, Dude. Time to get up. We are going fishing.”

Cheese opened one eye again. “But it’s still dark outside, Dad.”

“I know. We gotta get the boat in the water before the fish wake up. So when our worms go into the water, the fish will have breakfast!” Dad explained.

Mack was fully dressed in his play clothes and rain boots, ready to go. “Come on Cheese. You are about to get left!” Mack warned.

“Is that a promise? I would rather stay home wit Mom.” Cheese whined.

Dad replied, “Well you have to go ask you Mom if she wants you to stay. I am not making that call.”

Cheese put his bathrobe on and headed to find Mom. She was still laying in the bed when she said, “Don’t even ask. Go with your dad and brother. I’m having a Mom day today. No kids!”