Dad’s fist exploded into scissors. Cheese’s fist turned to the side into a rock.

“I win! I’m still the Champ! As the Champ, you have to take the family to the beach tomorrow, Dad!” suggested Cheese.

“That is not how this works, son. It takes more than one game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to make me take y’all to the beach. That’s a two-hour drive AND there’s much work to be done to have the family ready to go to the beach tomorrow.” Said Dad.

“OK. I’ll tell you what, Dad. Let’s play Pentago. If I beat you three times, you take us to the beach this weekend.” said Cheese.

“What if I win three times?” asked Dad.

“You have to win three times IN A ROW before I win three games. And if you do that, you don’t have to take us to the beach… this weekend.” replied Cheese.

Dad agreed, “Deal!”

Mack and Dad spent the next 30 minutes placing marbles and spinning the boards. Dad would win two in a row, then cheese would win. That happened twice. The second time it happened, Cheese won two in a row!

“You lose, Dad! The Champ, that’s me, will now go tell everyone to get ready to go to the beach.” Cheese smiled.