“Mack! Look! It’s a cardinal out back! Mom says when we see cardinals, a loved one is visiting with us.” Cheese said excitedly.

Mack looked out of the window at the red bird on the bird feeder. “I wonder who it could be.”

Dad was on his laptop in the middle of a Zune conference call and yelled upstairs. “BOYS! Come downstairs. Someone wants to see you on my computer!”
They both came running down the stairs.

Mack looked at the screen, smiled, and waved, “Hey Nana! Hey PopPop! What cha doin?” Their grandparents were on the other side of the conference call.

Nana replied, Hey Mack! Hey Cheese! We miss you guys. We’re doing good and watching movies. How have you guys been?”

Cheese spoke first, “I’m tired of the DAYVID virus. We can’t go on any field trips and worst of all we can’t come see you!”

Mack followed right behind him, “Yeah! We can’t go anywhere. It’s no fun at all. We can barely play outside. When is it going to be over?”

Nana replied, “That’s a very good question! I want to go outside too. But they say we need to limit our amount of time out of our houses. When this is over, ask your Dad to bring you guys to visit. OK?”

Mack and Cheese replied at the same time, “OK.”

Dad interrupted and turned to Mack and Cheese, “We’ll have to see about that. Do you guys have gas money?”