Mack whispered to Cheese, “Dad’s going on another business trip. It’s like he’s on a new trip every week. I wish we could go.”
Cheese replied, “I know right! I wanna fly a plane too!.”
“Dude, Dad flies IN the planes, not flies THE plane. Mack replied.
Cheese looked confused, “Oh!”
Like they do before each of Dad’s trips, Mack & Cheese read the Bible and pray.
“We’re going to miss you, Dad! We know you’ll FaceFront with us every night that you can!” Cheese said holding back tears.
The first day Dad was away, the boys sat in their rooms and talked.
“I think Dad is out doing adventurous things like jumping out of airplanes and meeting with other superheroes. That’s right “other” superheroes! Our Dad is a superhero along with Mom!” Mack said complimenting Mom and Dad.
In their FaceFront session that night, the boys made their requests. “Can you bring us something good back, Dad? Remember when you brought us some balloons, sponge guns, and a video game?! Something like that, please!” Cheese requested.
This was a quick two day trip, so when Dad came home, the boys asked for all of the details. “Hey Dad! What did you do during the day?” asked Mack.
“I was in meetings all day talking about buying stuff.” replied Dad.
“That’s it?! Sitting in meetings all day. You could do that from here.” Mack reasoned.
“You’re right, I could! But you guys wouldn’t get any souvenirs if I didn’t go on trips!” smiled Dad.
“Touche, Dad! Touché!”