“Take a walk around the block with me, Cheese.” suggested Mack.

“Make sure you ask Mom or Dad first and I will go with you.” Cheese said.

The boys put on their sneakers and went looking for Mom or Dad. They looked in their parents’ room. Not in there. They went to the living room. Not in there either.

“Shhh! Mack. Do you hear that?” Cheese asked.

Music was coming from the garage. They opened the garage door and saw Dad under the car. He was changing the oil while Mom talked to him about our next vacation.

Mack interrupted them, “Excuse me, Mom. Can Cheese and I take a walk around the block?”

Mom smiled, “Sure you can. Walk on the left side of the road and take your hiking sticks.”

The boys grabbed their sticks and were on their way.

“So what do you want to talk about, Mack? You never ask to walk around the block unless you want to talk about something.” asked Cheese.

“You are right! This DAYVYD stuff is crazy! Nobody is allowed to go anywhere right now, right. It is almost Christmas time. How does this affect Santa?! How will we get our toys?” wondered Mack.

Cheese’s eyes got big, “I didn’t think of that! What now, bro?”