“OK family! It’s time to go on another adventure!” said Dad.

He turned off the TV in the living room and changed his clothes. He looked like he was going hunting.

“Where are we going, Dad?” asked Cheese.

“We are going a few places, son. First, we are going to the archery shop. So we can you and your brother a bow and some arrows. Then we are going to pick up some lunch. And then we are going to the archery range at the state park for the rest of the day.” announced Dad.

“YES! Let me find my camouflage suit and rain boots. Cheese! Get yours on too!” Mack said.

Mom and Dad loaded their bow cases into the back of the truck and they were off to the archery shop. The shop was filled with various types of bows, boxes and boxes of arrows, different attachments, and bow cases.

“Excuse me. How many bows do you have in your store?” Cheese asked the man behind the counter.

The man thought for a second, “I don’t really know. Count the ones along the wall, add 8 more, and that should be all of them.”

Cheese walked over to the wall and started counting.

Dad laughed, “While he is doing that, let’s get a bow for this son.”

“We have a few youth bows over here.” said the bowyer (a person who makes or sells bows.)

“Mom, can I get this blue one?” asked Mack.