It’s the day we’ve been waiting for our entire lives. At least that’s what Dad says! He says we weren’t born when the Philadelphia Beagles played in The Big Game 13 years ago. Tonight’s playoff game ended with the Beagles being victorious. The game was over, but Dad was still watching the TV. We called Dad into the play room.

“Game’s over, Dad! Come play with us!” Mack said. After begging a few more times, Dad finally came. He was excited.

“Hey Dad! Check out my Mack sandwich” Cheese says as he places two couch pillows on the floor, Mack lays down on them and Cheese puts two more pillows on top.

“See! A Mack sandwich!” Cheese said impressively.

Dad pretended to look amazed at the feat right before his eyes. His eyes widened and he asked, “How did you do that?!”

“It’s easy!” Mack said as he stood up, Cheese lays down on the pillows, and Mack places the other pillows on top. “See! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

“Ok, Dad! Your turn. “the boys say at the same time.

“No thanks, guys.” And Dad goes back to watching his phone.

We heard his phone say, “The last time the Beagles made it to The Big Game, they lost to the New England Referees.”

“Not this time, guys!” Dad says, smiling at us.

That’s when Mack told Cheese, “I bet Dad is gonna make us wear our ten sizes too big Beagles jerseys on The Big Game day!”