“This vacation has been THE BEST! We played video games all day, everyday. Except when we went to drive go-carts.” Cheese said.

“Do you remember when we went to the ice cream stop? I got the Super Sundae. My stomach was hurting so bad afterwards. Strawberries and Cookies & Cream are my favorite flavors, so I had to get it. Tomorrow, we go BACK to the amusement park. I loved the rollercoaster that went upside down. So I’m riding that again and getting some popcorn. It tastes the best!” Mack said.

Dad walked into the boys’ room and sat down on the bed. “Hey guys. How do you guys like our trip so far? What was the best part?” he asked.

Mack spoke first, “I was just tellin’ Cheese, the Super Sundae was the best!”

“And for me, I love the go-carts!” added Cheese.

Dad smiled, “As you already know, we are going to the amusement park again. I wanna ride the spinning rollercoaster again. But what you guys don’t know is that Nana and PopPop will be there too!”

Cheese’s eyes got big, “This really is the best trip ever. Where are they now? They are my favorite people!”