“Dad, can I flip the record over when it’s done?” asked Mack.

Mack, Dad, and Cheese were listening to music as they played video games.

“Well, it’s almost over and you would need to change the record and not flip it. We already heard the first side.” Dad said.

“Can we play a dancing song, Dad? I feel like dancing.” Cheese interrupted. “I was able to dance with my friends at church today and it was fun.”

Dad smiled, “Sounds like we’re about to have a super dance party! Find the Jackson 5 record, Mack. They’re in alphabetical order.”

Mack put the record on and Cheese began to dance.

*****”dancin, Dancin, DANCIN! She’s a dancin machiiiine!” played on the record player. *****

For the next three and a half minutes, Cheese was in a world of his own!

“Watch me get down, watch me get down!” Cheese sang along with the record. It was one of his favorites.

Dad sat back and enjoyed watching the boys not have a care in the world. Little did they know, there was a different song playing in his head. “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye. A song written in some turbulent times.

What’s one of your favorite songs?