“Dad! Mack and I are calling you out. We just bought new Terf guns and we are ready for war!” said Cheese.

Cheese had his Terf gun with him and was poking Dad in his side with it.

Dad laughed, “Oh you think ‘cause you got a funky little gun that I am supposed to be scared? I think not. Go get your brother! And when you come back, be ready for war!”

Cheese smiled and ran upstairs to get Mack.

“Hey Mack! It’s time to get locked and loaded! We are going to Terf war with Dad!” said Cheese.

“YES! Let’s do this, bro!” replied Mack.

He hopped down off of his bed and headed for his closet. You would think he was in a spy movie with all of the Terf guns and foam bullets stored on his wall.

Mack started talking to himself, “Let’s see. I’m gonna need my laser sight gun for when we turn off the lights. My 6-shooter, so he thinks that’s the only one I got and I’m gonna need my pistol to carry on my hip under my shirt. Concealed carry!”

Mack grabbed two handfuls of bullets and stuffed them into his pockets.

“Ok, I’m ready.” Mack said. “Let’s head to your stash.”

“What do you mean “Your stash”? I only have two guns… These!” said Cheese holding them in his hands.

“Cool. Those will have to do. Let’s go!” ordered Mack.

Mack and Cheese quietly went down the stairs. Surprisingly, the lights were already off and Dad was nowhere to be found.

“This isn’t good, Mack.” Cheese whispered.

*pop-pop* 2 foam bullets hit the boys almost at the same time.

“Get down, Cheese!” Mack said as they ducked behind the couch. “He’s somewhere over by the TV. And he has both of his guns. We have to be smart about this. You head to the back door and I’ll retreat deeper into the kitchen. When you get to the back door, count to 10, and shoot 3 shots toward the TV! That should get him to stand up. And then I will shoot him.”

“Got it. When he stands up, I’ll shoot him some more. Cover me.” whispered Cheese. Cheese ducked behind the sectional and got to the back door. “…7, 8, 9, 10”

*pop-pop-pop* Cheese fired. No movement.