“Man down!” Mack screamed.
“Dad shot me, Cheese!”
A Terf bullet whizzed by Mack again!
“I’m on my way, Bro!” Cheese yelled from downstairs.
For the last 20 minutes, Mack and Dad had been shooting Terf bullets at each other. It was a drawn out battle between father and son.
Aim, shoot, reload… aim, shoot, reload for the last 20 minutes!

“We’re only playing for 5 more minutes.” Dad announced. He was out of breath from goin up and down the stairs!
Mack dove across the floor shooting two Terf guns at Dad.
“Cover me!” Cheese yelled as he followed behind Mack. He tucked and rolled across the hall!
Dad’s Terf gun shoots three bullets at one time AND has a laser AND it automagically reloads!
“He shot my leg, Mack!” Cheese held his leg as Mack pulled him to safety. “I’m OK. It’s not bleeding.” Cheese said feeling relieved.
Mack whispered, “How are we going to get out of this bathroom? I think we’re trapped.” Then they got quiet.
They heard Dad collecting bullets in the hall.
“OKAAAY, I’M RELOADED!” Dad shouted!