“Ok Mack! Let us do some math! Some real life math. I walk into your room with a Terf gun. The Terf gun holds 3 bullets. I shoot 2. How many do I have left?” Cheese asked.

“Probably 3, because I would shoot my 2 guns back at you in self-defense!” answered Mack.

“You just have to make things so difficult! HERE!” Cheese holds out his left hand as if to give Mack something. “Reach for the sky!” Cheese pulled out his Terf gun and aimed it at Mack.

Mack looked around for his 2 Terf guns, but they were gone. Cheese shot Mack two times.

As he ran away, Cheese said, “You are wrong! The answer is 1. I have 1 bullet left, SEE!” And he shot Mack one more time.

“This means war dude! Wait til I find my guns!!” Mack ran and searched his room for his Terf guns and extra bullets. “You can run but you cannot hide from me, Cheese!”

“Wrong again! I ran away and now I am hiding.” Cheese said from his secret hiding place.

***Where could Cheese be hiding? Check out story [118/366]***