“Woo! the temperature is droppin’ outside, Cheese! This is definitely coat weather. And possibly gloves. But it is still not too cold to play outside. Mooooom! Can we go outside to play?” asked Mack.

“And can I go too?!” added Cheese.

“Dude! I asked for us both!” fussed Mack.

“Yes, you can! Put on a warm coat and a warm hat. It is cold outside.” replied Mom.

The boys put on the their play coats, wool hats, and then ran off into the backyard.

“Wait! We need some wood! It has been a while since we have improved our Terf gun was base!” said Mack.

“You are right. Let’s go get some wood.” added Cheese.

They grabbed some wood from the scrapbox in the garage.

“Add some wood to this wall, but leave a hole so we can shoot through it.” directed Cheese.

“Not a problem. While I do that, go get a couple of those tree branches to use for our roof.” replied Mack. “We also need to places to sit.”

“Roger that.” Cheese said.

15 minutes later, the roof and wall were done.

Cheese sighed, “Time to rest our bottoms!”

Mack looked out their new window. “Not just yet, bro. Take a look out the window!”

“It’s Gary and it looks like he has his Terf guns!” said Cheese.

Mack was shocked, “Oh no! We left our guns in the house! We have no firepower… We gotta make a run for it!”