“Bro! You stepped on my foots!” said Cheese.

“Dude, really? It’s not ‘foots’, there is no such word. You should say ‘feets’.” Mack corrected him.

“If felt like you did it on purpose. I still can’t feel my pinky toe. I’m gonna be alright though. I’m just ready for this Terf gun war with Mom and Dad.” Cheese said.

“Me too! We need to set up a base. Since we’re already in my room, this can be it. Grab a couple of pillows off of my bed. We can use those as shields.” Mack started to whisper. “Let’s go find Mom and Dad.”

The boys loaded their Terf guns and stuffed their pockets with foam bullets. Cheese walked up to Mom and Dad’s closed door.

“Cover me” Cheese whispered.

He pushed the door open, stepped inside, looked around, and didn’t see anyone. So he stepped back into the hallway.

“I didn’t see them, Mack.” Cheese reported.

“Well where did you look? You came back pretty quick. They have 3 main hiding spots: in their closet, beside their bed, and under their bed.” Said Mack.

“Hmmm. I check two of the three. Let’s go look under the bed.” Cheese said.

They laid down on the floor to check under the bed… **click click**

“Reach for the sky!” Mom’s voice was behind them in the hallway.

Dad spoke too. “You’re too nice, dear!” **pop pop** Dad shot the boys.