“Hey boys! Ride with Mom and I to the bakery!” Dad called upstairs.

Cheese came running down. “The bakery?! Can we get some snickerdoodles cookies?” he asked.

“This bakery specializes in cakes. I don’t think they have cookies.” replied Dad.

“Well can I get a cookies and cream cupcake?” Mack interrupted.

“Guys! Let us get to the bakery first and THEN decide what we are gonna get. They are brand new, I don’t know what flavor cakes they sell. We are going to pick up a couple of their baking kits. They are having a cake decorating class tonight.” Dad informed them.

They all rode to the bakery. The chef was waiting on them to arrive. Apparently, they were the last ones to get their kits. Mom paid for the kits and passed them back to Mack.

Silently, Mack whispered to Cheese, “Let us eat some icing.”

Cheese shook his head in agreement. Then they both stuck their fingers into the piping bags.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Mom shouted.

She caught them red-handed… green handed. It was green icing.