Mack and Cheese sat on the floor stretching their legs and arms. Then they strapped on their black and metal shoes. Soon as they finished, a tall dark-skinned man walked onto the hardwood floor. All of the children, including Mack and Cheese, got up and stood in line.

“OK class! Welcome to Tap Dancing for Kids! My name is Mr. Glover.” The instructor said.

“I’m so excited!” Mack whispered over to Cheese.

“Me too.” Cheese replied.

For the next hour, Mr. Glover led and directed his pupils across the dance floor. On the way home, tap dancing was all the boys would talk about.

“We have a lot of practicing to do if we wanna be as good as Mr. Glover. Did you see how his feet seemed to float across the dance floor?” asked Mack.

Cheese smiled as he remembered, “I sure did! Did you see the pictures of him tap dancing in different costumes? He was even the Black Jaguar! So cool!”

Mack nodded, “We must remember ‘Stretch, then tap!’ Our homework assignment is to practice on each foot: ‘Tap Clickety-Clack, Tap Clickety-Clack’ and ‘Heel-toe, Heel-toe’. Mom I think we’re gonna like this class.”

“Well that’s great! Your Dad and I have already paid for all of the classes.” Said Mom.