Cheese bent over to tie his shoes. When he looked up, his hiking crew were walking away.

“Hey guys, wait up! I had to tie my shoes!” said Cheese.

They kept going, so he had to shuffle a bit to catch up.

“Don’t worry. I’m still with you, son!” said Dad.

He always made sure no one on their nature hikes got left behind.

“Come up front, Cheese. We found a turtle! It’s on a mission. He see some food our hike guide left out for them.” Mack announced.

After the group finished hiking, the boys found a bench, sat down, drank some water, and started chatting.

“Say Mack, what was your favorite part of the hike?” asked Cheese.

Mack thought for a second. “Well it depends. I have two. One, I liked seeing the baby turtles. They were so tiny! And two, the alligator! It was swimming toward us like it wanted to come out of the water at us! What about you?”

Cheese smiled, “Oh that’s easy! It was watching the Anhinga. I looked across the pond and saw a snake’s head pop out of the water. It was swimming towards like six turtles. As he approached, the turtles fled the scene. When the snake crawled up on the log, it got bigger and bigger! Come to find out. It was NOT a snake! It was a BIRD!! I never knew birds could swim underwater like that! It’s like my new favorite animal now. It’s so cool… the snake bird!”

“WHOA! Look at that guys! It’s a gator eating a turtle! Grab your cameras!” said Mom.