“Come into the schoolroom, boys! We are doing math together today.” Mom said as the boys were putting their breakfast plates away.

“But Mom, it is February 1st, it is Black History Month. We should have a holiday this whole month!” argued Mack.

Mom laughed, “Yeah right, son! You and your brother would forget everything I have ever taught you! No happening! You guys will not take the whole month off. Even if they did give us the shortest month of the year! We are going to learn some Swahili.”

“What is Swahili, Mom? And how does it fit into our math lesson?” asked Cheese.

“Swahili is a language spoken in parts of East Africa. And for math, we are going to learn how to count in Swahili. As I say and point to the number, you say it. OK?” said Mom.

The boys agreed and Mom started the lesson.

“One” *tap*
“mo-jah.” Said Mack.

“Two” *tap*
“m-bee-lee.” Said Mack.

“Three” *tap*
“Ta-too.” Said Mack.

Mom stopped. “I cannot hear you, Cheese. If you do not join in with Mack, you will be doing the rest by yourself.”

“But I don’t know Swahili, Mom.” Complained Cheese.

“Neither do I, but the words are right here on the board, bro.” said Mack.