Mack and Cheese sat on the couch watching the Revengers.

“You know what Cheese?” asked Mack.

“What’s that bro?” Cheese said.

“Many of the Revengers don’t have super powers. they just do stuff very well. IronKnight has a robotic suit and Black Jaguar has a super suit. The Incredible Bulk and Major Pain are like the only ones with super powers. They are super powerful!” explained Mack.

“Very good point, bro! Makes sense. Oh snap! Look out the back window! Gary’s out there playing. Let’s go!” said Cheese excitedly.

Mack grabbed the remote, turned the TV off, and ran to get his shoes on.

Cheese yelled, “Mom! We’re going out back to play with Gary!”

“OK! Have fun!” she replied.

“Hey Gary! What’s up? Wanna shoot some hoops?” asked Mack.

Gary smiled, “Hey Mack! Sure guys! Let’s play!”

“Wait for me!” Cheese came running across the yard, tripped on a tree root, and fell face first. “Oh no! It’s bleeding! Is that white meat? I’m going back inside.”

“Well, that was fast.” Mack sighed. “I’ll be right back, Gary. Let me make sure he’s alright. 5 minutes!”