“Hurry up, Cheese! The latest Revengers episode is about to come on.” Mack shouted as he ran to turn the TV on.

“I’m coming!” said Cheese as he jumps over the couch and runs up the stairs. “Made it!”

“The Revengers are the best superhero team ever assembled of all time! They cannot be stopped. When I grow up, I’m going to join the team.” Dreamed Mack.

“Oh yeah!? And what superpower do you have, Big Bro?” Cheese mocked.

“Besides the fact that I can see through glass!” Mack replied.

“Say what? See through glass?” Cheese was confused. “I can see through glass too. I think everybody can see through glass, man!”

“That’s great! Maybe they will take us as superhero brothers! That would be AWESOME!” Mack said excitedly. “If that doesn’t work, I will have to go to Wywonder and fight the king on Challenge Day! If I beat him, I will be the next Black Jaguar! Simple!”

Cheese rolled his eyes, “Really? Challenge Day? Quiet down. The show is about to come on.”

Mack mumbled, “And if I lose to the Black Jaguar, I can still be a superhero. Just call me NightOwl, because my vision is amazing!”

Cheese sighed, “OK, I get it, Mack! You can see well! Can you please be quiet, so I can hear?! Obviously, you can’t see that I am about to kick you out!”