“Aww yeah! The sun is OUT! You know what that means, Cheese?” asked Mack.

Cheese grinned, “Aww yeah! The sun is out, the fun is out!”

“Right on, bro! As soon as these Revenger cartoon go off, it is time to grab our bikes and roll these neighborhood streets. Butter up to Mom and Dad to get some ice cream money for later.” said Mack.

“Sounds like a plan. Now keep quiet until these cartoons go off.” Cheese said.

Mack got up from the couch and found Mom and Dad sitting out on the deck.

“Maxwell! What’s up son?” Dad asked while sipping on some lemonade. “It is a nice day out. What are you and your brother doing still inside?”

“Well that is what I came out here for. Cheese and I are about to go ride our bikes around the neighborhood, if it is alright with yall. And can we have some ice cream money for while we are out?” Mack said.

“Are your rooms clean? All the trash cans empty? And are the dishes washed?” asked Mom.

Mack smiled, “Yes! Yes! And in the dishwasher!”

“In that case, go bring me my purse, you guys will get $5!” promised Mom.