“Mack! I never knew it could get so c-c-c-cold outside. Isn’t it the summer?!” Cheese muffled from under his scarf.

“Yeah, it gets this cold during the WINTER. But Dude, it’s August 2020…. ANYTHING can happen! There have been so many unusual things to happen this year. Like social justice protesting, Saharan dust clouds, earthquakes in the South, wildfires in Australia, Kobe & Gigi, and of course, the DAYVID pandemic!” Mack recalled.

“Well add one more thing to your list.” Cheese said.

Mack asked, “What’s that?”

“The August 2020 Snowball fight!” said Cheese. “Go get Mom and Dad from inside. See if they want to play.”

Mack had obviously told them that there was going to be a snowball fight. They came out in full snow ski attire: boots, helmets, gloves, goggles, and snowsuit.

“It’s just a snowball fight, guys.” Said Cheese.

Dad spoke up, “That’s what we’ve been told! And we’re ready!”

”Ok, everybody listen up. “ Mack commanded. “Here are the rules: There are no teams. Every man (or woman) for himself. Try not to aim for anyone’s face, most of us wear glasses. Fourthly, have fun! When you hear ‘3-2-1-GO!’, the game starts. Dad will blow his whistle when the game is over! OK, now go find a spot and start making snowballs!”

Cheese went into the truck bed. A nice spot, but it has limited snow. Dad went behind a tree. It was cool, but the tree wasn’t that big. Mom ran behind the house. And Mack hid behind the bushes near the porch.

From his snowball base, Dad yelled, “3-2-1-GO!” and the hurling began.

Dad hurled a softball sized snowball high in the air toward the truck bed.

“You missed, Dad!” Cheese shouted.

When he came up to say his piece, Mom came from around the side of the house and Mack pegged her with a snowball. Mack blew his cover going after Mom. Dad snuck up behind him and hit him three times in the back. He ran as fast as he could back to his tree. Although he was freezing cold, Cheese ended up hitting Dad on his leg.

“Cheese! Look out!” Mack shouted.

“Take that!” Mom said as she dumped a bucket of snow on Cheese’s head.

If Cheese was cold before, he is much colder now!

Cheese wiped the snow from his face. “OK! I’m done! I’m going inside to warm up. A Summer Snowstorm is not what I want right now.”

Dad threw a couple more snowballs at Mom, then blew his whistle… Game over!