“Pass the soda! Paaaaass the soda!” Cheese danced on the coffee table.

“If you don’t get your lil tail off my table, you won’t be getting any soda.” fussed Mom.

“It’s happy times, Mom! It’s almost the end of the school year. That is all we need to celebrate.” Mack said as he passed the 2-liter bottle of ginger ale to Cheese. “Take a sip, bro! We did it! When this bottle is done, we’re gonna have a dance party! You gonna join us, Mom?”

Mom started to dance, “We can celebrate for a little while. While our school work may be getting lighter, we still have work to do. Your Dad signed you guys up for golf lessons, engineering classes, swimming lessons, and the highlight of the summer… NANA CAMP!”

“Aww yeah! Nana Camp is the greatest! When is it, Mom?” asked Cheese.

“If I told you now, you guys would be asking me every week if it is time to go. I want you guys to enjoy your summer. Not just wait for Nana Camp. There will be plenty of things to do before then. Like finishing up the nature class!” Mom said.