Mack swung high on the swings while Cheese slipped down the slide.

“Cheese, come over here. Let’s see who can swing the highest!” said Mack.

“We both know that it is you, Mack. I’m not even going to try.” Replied Cheese.

Just as Cheese finished declining Mack’s swing challenge, a man walked up to the playground.

“Hey guys! What school do you go to?” The strange man asked.

Mack looked at the man, then over to Cheese and said, “Playtime is over, bro! Don’t say a word. Let’s go!”

Mack and Cheese ran away from the man and towards the house. Mom was standing on the porch looking down at the park. She watched the boys run up the hill.

“There – was a – man at the park, Mom” Mack huffed. “But we left! – He asked – what school we went to. – So we left!”

“Did you say anything to him?” Mom asked.

“No ma’am! Mack told me to ‘shut up and let’s go!” replied Cheese.

“I did not tell you to ‘shut up’, bro! But now I wish I did!” shouted Mack.

Mom silenced both of them, “Settle down, boys! You both did great! You didn’t talk to the stranger! We don’t talk to strangers. Great job! Thank you for following the rules! You boys sound tired. Let’s go get some water and sit out back.”