“Hey Dad! What was it like when you was our age?” Cheese asked him as he watched them play in the yard.

Dad looked over at Cheese and smiled, “I am so glad you asked, Cheese! You see, your Dad grew up with what some folks call ‘a silver spoon in his mouth.’ That means my parents were rich and I was spoiled… along with your aunt and uncles. As you know Nana and PopPop were doctors. I had all of the Brix I could ask for.”

“WHOA! You had Brix too!?” Cheese interrupted.

Dad continued, “Slow down son. Lemme finish the story. Where was I?… Oh yeah, I had all the Brix I wanted. I saw all of the movies in the movie theater. I had all of the video games and the all of the neighborhood kids would hang out at our house. Nana would give us snacks and candy in between meals and I had pizza whenever I wanted it. AND I did not have to clean my room! That is because we had a Nanny. Aunt Viv is what we called her instead of Nanny Viv. You keeping up, son?”

“Yeah Dad, movies, candy, Aunt Viv.” Cheese said.

“Yep. Aunt Viv cleaned our rooms and took care of us when Nana and Poppop were at the hospital. But don’t you two go get any ideas! Y’all will have to work! Unlike Me!” Dad smiled.

“Really Dad?! Aww man!” whined Cheese.

Mack nudged Cheese, “Cheese wake up! Wake up, Cheese! It is time to get our morning chores done.”

Cheese opened his eyes and saw Mack standing beside his bed. “Dude, I just had the weirdest dream!”