After a long day of homeschool, we find Mack and Cheese in Cheese’s room watching some Stickymon.

“Dude, this is the greatest show ever! I don’t have all of their cards, but it’ll be fun trying to collect them all.” said Mack.

Cheese pulls out his Stickymon cards and flips through the pages. I got about 200 cards in here!”

Mack disagreed,”No you don’t. You just started buying cards two weeks ago. You MIGHT have 60 cards and that’s a big might, as you can see!”

Just then, Dad walked upstairs and stared into the room.

“Hey Dad!” said Cheese.

“Hey guys! Whatcha guys watchin?” Dad responded.

“Look at the screen dad! It’s Stickymon, duh.” Mack said jokingly.

Dad looked around the room. “I would watch this with you guys but there’s no place to sit. You got Brix and books all over the bed and toys on the lil bench.”

Cheese pointed at his little foot stool. “You can sit on that, Dad”

Dad looked at Cheese, “I’m not sitting on that. And even if I was going to sit on it, you guys got Brix all over the floor in here. I couldn’t get to it if I tried.”

“Fine, Dad. You can sit on my covers.” Cheese said as he cleared a spot on his bed.

Cheese restarted the Stickymon movie they were watching and then the questions came.

Dad asked questions for the first hour of the movie. Who is this? Who is that? What can it do? Do you have his card? Is he a good guy or bad guy?

Mack got tired of the interruptions, “DAD! Can you please stop with the questions?! We can’t hear the movie.”

“Well sorry!” and with that Dad left.

“See what you did, Mack?” Cheese fussed. “You made Dad leave!”

Mack defended himself, “What?! I couldn’t hear the movie!”

Cheese couldn’t believe his ears, “Dude! We’ve watched this movie like 10 times. We know what happens. How often does Dad come in and watches a show with us? And you kicking him out! Smooth move!”

Mack thought for a second, “You made a good point. Should I go get him and see he wants to come back?”

“Sure, but I think you hurt his feelings. MAke him something from Brix before you go… as a peace offering.” suggested Cheese.

“I think I’ll do that.” said Mack. He turned and opened the door. Dad was standing right there…crying.