“Hey guys! I bought yall a telescope!” announced Dad.

“A telescope? Cool!” said Mack.

“Let’s use it now!” ordered Cheese.

“Well let me get it out of the box and set it up first.” replied Dad.

Dad set the telescope up onto the tripod and lowered it so Mack and Cheese could see.

Then he pulled out his phone, “OK, Mack. You are the oldest. You get the first look. My space app is telling me to point the telescope to the south and just above the trees. See the bright star right there. That should be Mars.”

Mack adjusted the telescope as directed.

“I do! I see it!” shouted Mack. “Come look, Cheese.”

Cheese smiled, “That is so cool. It really is red!”

Dad’s phone beeped. “Hey guys. The International Space Station is about to fly overhead. It is going to come from the west and go east. Cheese, your turn.”

“Whoa! It looks so big! It has wings!” Cheese said staring into the eyepiece.

“What? Let me look!” said Mack. “Well what do you know, it does have wings. Dad look.”

The boys gave Dad a chance to look as well. “Those are not wings, guys. They are antennas for communication and panels for solar power. Wings are a good guess though!”