“Mack. Turn the TV up a little bit. I can barely hear Black Jaguar talk.”

Cheese and Mack were watching the Revengers cartoon.

“I think I’ve seen this one already, bro. This is where Black Jaguar goes into Germany and infiltrates the Flag Hunters base camp. Then he goes into their computer room and blows it all up!” said Mack.

Cheese replied, “Umm. I don’t think I’ve seen this one, but you just told me what’s going to happen… UGH! I’m gonna finish it anyway. Next time, don’t do…”

Mack interrupted, “Hey look! It’s the golf for kids program. Do you think Mom and Dad will sign us up for that?”

“It sounds like something they would like. We could use it as our physical education class. We’ll ask at bedtime, but for now, let me finish this episode. I am now asking you to leave, so you don’t talk through the ending.” Cheese said.

Mack left Cheese’s room, walked into Mom’s room, and laid across her bed.

“I hope your clothes are clean, young man! I don’t want my bed smelling like outside.” Mom said.

Mack laughed, “It’s OK. I haven’t been outside yet today.”