“Shhh! I am trying to study, Mack! Mom is giving me a pop quiz in spelling in the morning.” Cheese shushed Mack.

“I don’t think pop quizzes happen like that. It’s 8pm. Pop quizzes happen on the spot. Trust me, I have had plenty! Which words do you have to spell?” asked Mack.

“Four, More, Your, Door, and Pour.” Replied Cheese.

Mack encouraged him, “OH! You got this Cheese! You can do it. Those are easy words.”

“Cheese smiled, “Thanks for the encouragement, Mack! You are a great big brother, sometimes.”

“Since you have your pencil and paper out, how do you spell ‘pour’? Like ‘to pour out a blessing… pour.” Mack started a pop quiz.

Cheese thought a bit, “P-O-U-R, pour”

“Good job. Here is where it gets harder. How do you spell ‘more’, ‘your’, and ‘door’?” Mack asked.

“I don’t have time for this, Mack!” Cheese sighed.

“Well fine! In order to be fully prepared for homeschool, we have to:
Get good sleep (about 8 hours),
Complete our assignments, and
Listen to Mom and Dad (Teacher and Principal).
If we do that, we are almost guaranteed to pass any pop quiz, test, or problem placed in front of us.” Lectured Mack.

“You talk a lot, Mack! Will you be quiet, so I can study my words… without you testing me?” complained Cheese.