“Brick by brick! Block by block! This is how the building starts.” Cheese sang as he pulled his crates of Brix down from the shelves.

“What are you singing about, bro?” asked Mack.

“Ahh. Nothin much. About to build some of my sets again. I think I’m gonna go with the dragon and castle sets.” Cheese thought
out loud.

Mack agreed, “Good choice. Can I help you?”

Cheese thought for a bit. “Do you mind watching me for a bit first? THEN when I need help, you join in?”

“Yeah sure!” said Mack.

Cheese got to work placing the colorful blocks together. The blues, purples, blacks, reds, and oranges came together and made a fierce dragon.

Cheese let out a long breath. “OK Mack! Here is where you come in. That dragon took a lot out of me. Grab the plans for the medieval castle.”

Mack smiled, “It’s go time!”

Right before Mack could attach two pieces together…

“Cheese! Mack! Come downstairs! It’s time to eat dinner!” yelled Dad.

Mack threw the pieces back into the crates and started walking out of Cheese’s room.

“We’ll finish it later, Mack!” Cheese assured him.