Mack and Cheese had just finished breakfast and laid down on the couch.

“Hey guys. Don’t lay down right after you eat. Let your food settle first..” warned Dad.

The boys sat up and turned the TV on.

“I’ll be right back, Mack” Cheese said and disappeared for like 10 minutes.

Mack looked around. “Dad, where’s Cheese? He went upstairs and hasn’t come back yet.” asked Mack.

“Not sure son. He went up the stairs to be seen no more.” joked Dad.


A Terf bullet whizzed between Mack and Dad.

“What?!” said Dad.

“Don’t turn around. I think we just found Cheese. He just tried to shoot us with his Terf gun. He wants a Terf war, I see. Don’t turn around. Do you know where you Terf gun is? We’re gonna need it. I have my small one right under this cushion.” whispered

“OK. You grab the gun, shoot at his, and I’ll grab my spare from the closet. On my count: one, two, go!” said Dad as he jumped off the couch.


Mack fired at Cheese and missed! He wasn’t behind them anymore.

“Dad! He’s gone. We gotta find him!” said Mack.

“OK let’s split up. You go upstairs and check his room. I’m gonna check the kitchen.” planned Dad.