“OK Cheese! I give up! Where are you?” Mack asks accepting defeat yet still holding his Terf guns ready.


Cheese landed onto the floor from his perch from up on top of Mom’s bookshelf.

“I started to shoot you one more time before you gave up.” Bragged Cheese.

The boys put ended their game of Hide and Terf and went down to the kitchen to get some snacks… Pretzels and Bananas.

“This reminds me of The So & So Show that we watch at church. Remember when they played ‘Fondue or Fondon’t’?” asked Mack.

“Yeah! That was gross. They dipped an egg in chocolate!” Cheese exclaimed. “My favorite part of the show is Bible Story Time with Kellen & the So & So Show Players. They make the stories understandable to us kids.”

MAck agreed, “You’re right. Kellen is awesome. But you know what else is awesome?”

“No, what? Replied Cheese.

“These bullets!” Mack yelled as he backed away from the table and fired a barrage of Terf bullets in Cheese’s direction.

“Ahhh! An ambush!” Cheese fell to the floor and ducked under the table, nearly spilling his soda.