Cheese whispered, “Mack! I was sleepwalking last night.”
“What are you talking about, man?” Mack said as he woke up from a nice sleep.
“I woke up in Mom & Dad’s bed this morning. And I don’t know how I got there! Dad said he didn’t put me there. And I know Mom didn’t either.”
“That’s amazing! And you don’t remember?!” Mack questioned.
“I sure don’t! I think they like me sleeping in their bed. When I climb in, they move over and give me space! I can lay on Dad’s pillow and rest my feet on Mom’s back. It’s very comfy!” Cheese said relaxingly!
Mack reminisced. “Yeah, it is! Back in the day, I used to sleepwalk into their bed. I would get the best sleep!”
“Let’s sleepwalk tonight, Mack!” Cheese strategized.
Mack agreed, “SURE! They’re gonna love it!”