Mom laughed as her and Cheese sat on the couch. Mack and Gary were upstairs playing video games.

“Hey Mom. Can Gary spend the night? I think it would be cool to have a birthday sleepover AND you said that I could have anything I want.” said Cheese.

“I’ll have to talk to your Dad first. We haven’t had anyone who was not family sleepover. We also would have to talk to Gary’s parents as well. Go enjoy the rest of your birthday with Mack and Gary. There won’t be a sleepover tonight though those things take planning.” said Mom.

“OK! See ya!” and Cheese ran upstairs.

“Well guys. I tried. There’s no sleepover tonight. Let’s just have a Terf War.” announced Cheese.

Gary looked at Mack and Cheese, “I gonna need some firepower, guys.”

“Cheese. You got two new guns for your birthday. You can let Gary borrow one of your older ones.” said Mack.

“Oh yeah! Let me get it for you, Gary. I’m gonna leave it in the hallway, then I’m hiding. The battle starts in 3 minutes, guys. May the best birthday boy win!” Cheese said.

Mack told Gary to grab the Terf gun. When Gary stepped out into the hallway, Mack closed the door.

“Uhhh guys. Where can I hide?” asked Gary.