Cheese sighed to himself. “I can’t sleep. Let me go see if Mack is sleep too.”

Cheese crawled out of his bed and cracked his door open. No lights were on in the house. He tiptoed over to Mack’s door and opened it. It creaked a little. He walked in, sat on the edge of Mack’s bed, and nudged him.

“Mack. Mack. Wake up. What you doin?” Cheese whispered.

Mack rolled towards Cheese and replied, “What do you think I am doing. I am sleep. You should be too. What do you want, bro?”

“Hey. I was just thinking. We should write a song. I heard you singing earlier through the wall.” Cheese suggested.

Mack opened his eyes to find his alarm clock. “3:42?!” He whisper yelled. “Yes, I was singing earlier. I do that to get me to sleep faster. Counting sheep does not work. Don’t believe the cartoons. Now get out of my room before Mom or Dad wakes up.”

Cheese snapped back at Mack. “OK! OK! I’m going! Maybe I will sing to myself. Good night.”

Mack was silent. He had already gone back to sleep. Cheese pulled Mack’s door closed and looked around. There was something different about the hallway, but he did not know what it was.

Cheese tiptoed back to his room, closed his door, and got back into his bed.

“What are you doing out of bed, Cheese?!”

Cheese was surprised, “Mom!?”