“It is kite flying time! Let’s go run a couple of errands and then we will fly some kites. OK guys?” Mom asked Mack and Cheese.

“OK! I will grab the kites!” said Mack excitedly. “But I think I am going to need help getting them from the top shelf in the garage, Dad.”

“OK” Dad replied and off they went to the garage while Cheese stayed in the kitchen with Mom as she made snacks for an outdoor lunch.

“Mom put chips and a PB&J in there for me. Those are my favorite snacks.” Cheese requested.

Mom packed the lunch bag and off they went on errands and a little family fun.

We completed Mom’s errands over in town…which took about an hour and a half. Then we headed to the fields for kite time and lunch!

Mack grabbed his Brix kite, Mom grabbed her fish kite, Cheese grabbed his car kite and Dad grabbed his geometric shapes kite.
Dad was first getting his kite into the air.

Mack immediately made it a competition after that. “Let us race for two things: Who can fly it the longest and whose kite goes the highest!”