“Achoo!” Mack sneezed and sniffed.

“You better keep that down, Mack. Before Mom hears you!” said Cheese.

“BOYS!” Mom yelled.

They looked at each other.

“Mom has supersonic ears. I bet she heard you sneeze, man!” Cheese was convinced that she had heard Mack’s sickness.

The boys ran downstairs and into the kitchen. Mack was unusually slower than Cheese.

Mom started her investigation, “What was that?”

“What was what, Mom?” Mack asked pretending he did not understand what she was talking about.

Mom continued, “One of you was sneezing and sniff…”

“Achoo!” Mack interrupted.

“I told you boys to wear your coats! And now look at you! All weak, frail and sniffly! Get over here and take this medicine. Next time you will listen. Cheese! You come and take some too! Just in case.” Mothers seem to always know when something is not just right; not normal.

Cheese started, “Mom since Mack is sick and not me, Can I go out and play?”

“You are gonna have to ask your Dad. I am about to take Mack to the doctor. We have to make sure he is alright to go on our adventure next week. If he’s too sick, we will all be staying home.” Mom replied.

Cheese ran and found Dad in his man cave. He stuck his head in the room and asked, “Dad, since Mack is sick and not me, Can you watch me outside while I play?”

Dad’s eyes widened, “SICK?! What you mean, ‘Mack is sick!’”

“Mom is taking him to the doctor right now. Can you watch me outside?”

Dad sat back in his chair and thought for a bit. “Since Mack is sick and will not be playing today, I think my answer is ___________”