Mack thought about the events of the day and started telling Cheese about it as if he wasn’t right there with him. “I got some good sleep, Bro! I stayed in bed until Mom called us down for breakfast. And the grits were thick, the hash had a little crisp, the toast was buttery, and the apple juice was sweet as they have ever been.”
Cheese interrupted, “Umm. We didn’t have grits and hash this morning. We had French toast and bacon.”
“Whatever man! It tasted good… whatever we ate. Then Mom taught me about number families and let me do some art.” Mack continued.
“Ok ok. You may have done some math today, but fractions was today’s lesson. Come on, bro. Get it together.” Said Cheese.
Mack was getting frustrated, “Well if you know so much, What did I think of Mom’s fried chicken dinner?”
Cheese laughed, “Dude! We had ribs tonight! Dad was on the grill all afternoon. How about you go get some sleep and try again in the morning.”
Mack thought to himself, “So I didn’t have grits this morning?”