“OK boys. Once you finish breakfast, we are gonna do science and possibly art.” said Dad.

The boys looked at each other puzzled.

Mack spoke up, “Uhhh Dad. Today is Sunday AND Mom usually teaches Science. Art is your thing.”

“Well today is a new day. I’m gonna teach you a couple of things that I learned when I was your age.” said Dad.

“Well can we do art first, Dad?” asked Cheese.

“Today we are mixing art with science. And we are gonna stay right here in the kitchen. Back when I was your age, Mack, we had to do a science fair project. A kid’s first science project is usually a volcano.” announced Dad.

Cheese shouted, “A VOLCANO?! That’s cool!”

“Slow down, son. It’s not a real one with lava and all that. We are going to mix a liquid with a solid and see what happens. Mack, tell me the parts of the Scientific Method. I know your Mom have taught you guys about that.” Dad said.

“You are correct, Dad! And the parts of the scientific method are: observation, hypothesis, guessing, experimenting, and conclusion.” answered Mack.

“Almost 100%, son. ‘Guessing’ isn’t the correct term. Next time use the word ‘Prediction’. It is similar to ‘guessing’ but not quite.” said Dad.