“OK boys! We’re having a no-school day today. We’re going to play games, run some errands, cook some food, and watch movies… OR would you rather have school?” asked Mom.

“Oh! That’s easy, Mom. No school day!” answered Mack.

“I’m ready to bake some cookies!” said Cheese.

“Well you do know that baking cookies involves math and science!” Mom informed him.

“Heeey! You tricked us! This is still school! But I still wanna bake some cookies. Mom, bring me the flour, brown sugar, oatmeal, butter, and baking powder. I will soak the raisins; grab the spoons and bowls, and the cookie sheet! Let’s do this!” Cheese was excited.

“Uhh! Hold your horses, Cheese! We are out of flour! That’s why I said ‘cook some food’ AFTER ‘run some errands’.” Mom said.

Mack laughed, “Ok Mom. I am heading upstairs to play some games. First, Cheese and I are gonna play Candy Place, then a couple of games of Solo!”

Mom got excited, “Let’s go! I wanna play too!”

The boys got excited too! “Come with us, Mom! Right this way!” Mack directed.