“Good evening folks and welcome to my Say Cheese Magic Show!” announced Cheese.

Mom, Dad, and Mack sat on the couch facing the coffee table.

“What you are about to witness is my first and only magic trick. I’ve practiced it so many times and it worked. Prepare to be amazed! Without any further delay, I present the Disappearing Reappearing Ball!” said Cheese as he pulled the handkerchief from over the display.

Mom gasped, “Looks impressive! Start the show!”

“I like your enthusiasm, Mom. You can be my beautiful assistant and say the magic words “Say Cheese” when I snap. OK?” asked Cheese.

“Snap… Say Cheese, got it!” repeated Mom.

“Look! Here’s the ball! See the ball! I’m gonna put it in my pocket!! See! No ball! Ok beautiful assistant. Let’s make it reappear!” **SNAP**

“Say Cheese!”

“Tah dah!… Oh snap, that didn’t work. Let’s try that again!” **SNAP**

“Say Cheese!”

“Tah dah! There it is! Now it’s gonna go back into my pocket!” **SNAP**

“Say Cheese!”

Tah dah! It’s back in my pocket! BAM!” Cheese said as he rolled the ball onto the table!”

“That was fresh!” Mack said in amazement.

“And that’s the show folks! If you loved it, put a 5 in the tip jar. If you are still trying to figure it out, put more money in the jar!” said Cheese.