“Oh yeah! Saturday morning cartoons!” said Dad.

“Say what, Dad?!” asked Mack.

“Sat-ur-day morning cartoons.” Dad repeated. “Back in my day, I would get up on Saturday mornings just to watch cartoons. I would grab a bowl of cereal and sit in front of the TV until Gold Train came on at noon. THEN I would go out and play.”

“Sounds fun, Dad. But can you please turn the TV to the Revengers? We have seen all of the episodes but it is the best thing on TV right now.” Mack requested.

“I should find an app that plays all of the old cartoons from when I was a kid like: GI John, Lightningcats, Blasters of the Universe, Shooby Doo, and Mom & Jerry. Those were some good shows.” Said Dad.

“Those all sound horrible.” Cheese said. “I’m just ready for some Revengers! And can we get some Golden Arches for breakfast? I love their waffles!”

Mack agreed, “YEAH! Golden Arches! I would love that right now!”

Dad grabbed the remote and turned to the Revenger app and finds the show.

Right before he got up to leave, he said, “You guys are lucky that I like you!”