“Dad! Can you watch us outside? I want to go ride my bike in the driveway, then around the block, and then around the neighborhood.” Asked Mack.

“Well first, let us see if Cheese wants to ride. We can’t just leave him. It would not be fair. We all need to get out and grab some exercise.” Dad answered.

No sooner than Dad had finished, Cheese came walking down the stairs. His ears must have been burning.

Mack turned to Cheese and asked him, “Hey Bro! We are about to go bike riding in the neighborhood. Wanna come?”

“I think I am gonna pass this time. My legs can only take but so much. And besides Saturday morning cartoons are on. I am about to grab a bowl of cereal, a spoon, and watch some Revengers!” replied Cheese.

“Hmmm. I did not think of that. I forgot it was Saturday! Cartoons and cereal sound real nice right now.” Mack said.

Then Mack turned to Dad, “On second thought, I will take a raincheck on the bike ride, Dad. Maybe later. Cartoons are important!”