“That was the best sandwich I have ever had, Mack!” Cheese explained. “It did not even have cheese on it. You know I do not like Cheese! Just some good chicken, lettuce, some secret sauce, carrots, and some great bread.”

“Thanks for the reminder. I forgot to do my homework!” Mack said as he jumped down from his bed.

“And what about my sandwich reminded you of homework? This should be interesting.” questioned Cheese.

“That is a good question, Bro! I do not really know. You mentioned your sandwich and I started thinking about school. Hmmm.” thought Mack.

“Ummm well, no time to pause. Either you are gonna go to sleep. OR you are gonna do your homework.” demanded Cheese.

“I am gonna do the right thing, Cheese!… I am going to… I am going to go back to bed. THEY say that everyone needs 10 hours of sleep to function well. So if I do not sleep now, I will not get my 10 hours in.” yawned Mack.

“That is a great idea! Bedtime! Now be quiet, so I can go to sleep! Good night, Mack!
Good night, Readers!”