“Oh no!” shouted Cheese. He had just heard the bad news.
“Mack, our favorite toy store is closing FOREVER!” he finished.

It was 10am and by now, every kid around the world knew that the Mr. Jeffrey’s store was closing!

“What do we do now, Cheese?” Mack said as tears built up in his eyes. “Now there are no more toy stores on our street… our neighborhood… IN THE WOOOOORLD! OK, maybe not the world, but this is the end of the world as kids know it! No more stickers, no more coloring books, no more video games, no more yo-yos, no more Brix, robots or action figures! What are we going to do, Cheese?”

“Well for starters, wipe the sweat from your face. Let’s be smart about this. First we need to go get all of the money we’ve been saving in our banks. Then, let’s go buy all of the toys we can. I’m sure Mr. Jeffery isn’t going to just throw the toys away.” Cheese reasoned.

They ran and emptied their piggy banks.

“Seven dollars and 86 cents”, said Cheese.

“Fifteen dollars and 2 cents”, said Mack.

“WE’RE RICH!” they yelled at the same time.

They were walking down the street toward the store with Mom. Each kid they passed on the sidewalk had a huge smile on their face. Meanwhile, Mom told stories of how she went to the Mr. Jeffrey’s store when she was their age.