Cheese came slowly down the stairs and into the den with his hands behind his back. Mom and Dad looked over at him and he smiled.

“What’s up, Cheese?” Dad asked.

Cheese walked over and sat on Mom’s lap, pulled his hands from around his back, and shot Dad with his Terf gun.

Dad just looked at him and said, “Wait right here! Don’t you move!”

Cheese’s eyes widened as Dad made a dash for the kitchen. Mom held onto Cheese’s arms so he couldn’t get away. Mack was hiding in the kitchen with his Terf guns and tossed one to Dad.

“We knew you was gonna come down here with your Terf gun, Cheese!” said Mack.

Dad added, “Now stand up and fight. This means war!”

“But I’m just a little kid!” pleaded Cheese.

“Yes, you are! A little kid who shot me with his Terf gun! Come on and meet your doom.” laughed Dad.

Mom let go of Cheese’s arms and he let out a loud cry. “Aaaaaahhhhhhh!”

He tried to make it too the stairs, but he didn’t make it. Dad and Mack shot him in his arms and legs! Cheese fell to the ground, defeated.