“Road Trip!” yelled Cheese. “Where are we going, Dad?”

“We are going to meet some friends at the state park.” Dad replied.

“We will be camping, so bring anything that you think you may need.” Mom added.

Mack and cheese ran up to their rooms and grabbed their bookbags.

Mack started talking to himself, “OK. Let’s see here… camping. I’m going to need my video games, pillow, sunglasses, and my water bottle.”

“Mack! Come here!” Cheese yelled from down the hall. “What should I pack besides clothes and underwear?”

Mack’s face lit up. “Oh snap! I forgot to pack clothes and underwear. I’ll be right back. Oh! Grab video games and snacks, bro.”

Mack ran back to his room.

Cheese whispered to himself. “Sometimes it seems as if I’m the older brother. Let me finish packing. The snacks are in the kitchen.” Then yelled. “Hey Mack. I’ll meet you downstairs.”

“I’m already downstairs.” Said Mack from the kitchen pantry.

“Mack. Why are you grabbing all of those snacks? We are just going to stay one night at the park. We don’t need that much food. Your Mom has already packed enough food… and snacks!” said Dad.