“These chicken tenders and fried are so delicious. They’re nice and crispy AND juicy! They even gave me some blue cheese.” said Cheese.

“You always get blue cheese and fries, bro!” Mack pointed out.

Dad interrupted, “And what’s wrong with that? I showed him that. One taste of potato and blue cheese and he has been hooked”

“Mack, I don’t eat blue cheese dressing either.” said Mom. “Give me my honey mustard.”

Dad laughed, “Now that we agree on our love for blue cheese, what was your favorite thing that happened today?”

“For me, it was you guys keeping us from school. So we could go watch the rocket launch with the other folks in Florida!” said Mack.

“That’s awesome, Mack. You do know that a launch is science in action. So much Math and Science is packed into these rocket launches. This is where we get the phrase, ‘It’s not rocket science’ “

“It means that whatever you’re doing is not as hard as rocket science, right?” asked Cheese.

“Meh. Sorta. Wait, you are correct!” mentioned Mom.

“What do I win, Mom? said Cheese.

“Well… nothing. We’re still talking about our days’ top events.” said Dad.