Our Dad is a nerd, specifically a space nerd. For example, he knows random space facts like “The International Space Station can be seen with the naked eye” and “No satellite has ever reentered the earth’s atmosphere.” But anyway… right before bedtime, Dad yells, “Mack! Cheese! Come here!”
We run downstairs to see what he needed. “Hey guys! There’s a rocket that’s about to launch in 11 minutes.”
“Well call us when it gets closer to takeoff.” Mack said as he and Cheese ran back upstairs. 8 minutes later.
“Mack! Cheese!”
No explanation was needed this time. We ran back downstairs and started counting down. “54…53…52…” Mack and Cheese said together.
“Shh! Not yet.” Dad interrupted. “We still have two minutes to go. Wait until 10 seconds.”
We eagerly waited and counted down with the man on the TV.
“5…4…3…2…1… Liftoff!”
XtraSpace’s Eagle 9 rocket carrying 60 satellites for Starlink left Florida in a hurry! It was the first launch of the year. One day, we plan to go see another rocket launch. Waaaay back when we were younger, there was a night launch near the Florida beach we were on and saw a live launch. It was cool… I think!
“Dad. Was our first rocket launch cool?” Mack asked.

“I believe ALL launches are cool! So, yes it was! It was XtraSpace’s first night launch. We found a park near others who had gathered to watch. It was a warm night…”
Dad’s words grew faint as Cheese and Mack walked away while Dad continued talking not realizing he had lost his audience.